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Classroom learning area

Our centre have two main rooms, the preschool "Rainbow" and the toddler "Butterfly" room.  However, this is only by classification and our program is catered for the 5 broad groups of children's abilities and interests:  infants, toddlers, junior preschoolers, preschoolers and kindergarten children.  This is a key part to our learning program as depicted in our learning tree.  Teachers understand that at certain times, in the preschool room there may be junior preschoolers, preschoolers and kindergarten ready children and may not necessarily follow the age of a child.  Similar in the toddler room there are, infants, toddlers, junior preschoolers and by the end of the year, ready preschoolers.  At times, we find preschoolers may want to be with their younger siblings in the Butterfly room and the flexibility for children to be around and to play with older and younger children is in itself a great attribute that can only tried and learnt in a mixed group situation.  Learning from older peers in the classroom and vice versa is a wonderful experience to witness.   

In each room, there are the usual book corners with a library in the preschool room; block and construction areas; drawing and craft stations; home corner and pretend dress-up play areas.  As the day begins in the toddler room, there is also piano in the Butterfly room where children can sing along to nursery rhymes.  And during school holidays, vacation care children will use the piano and bring along other instruments to entertain and inspire future musicians.  The two rooms are only separated by a sliding door and the cohesiveness between the two room makes it that much easier when time comes for toddlers to transition to the preschool room.  Through out the year, many 3 year old in the toddler room would had numerous opportunities to join the preschool room activities.  
Besides the two main rooms, the preschool room flows out to a large multi-purpose sun room.   At times, the sun room is an art room other times a lunch room, a large construction place or just place to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of the indoors.   The sunroom is also a key part of the outdoor classroom and all the glass doors open out to the outdoor playground.   It is primarily used by the preschool room with many preschool activities flowing out to the room. 
The idea of the outdoor classroom is taken even further with excursions.  In early childhood, there is a saying that "Children learn through play".  With children, play is hardly ever limited to the classroom and looking at every learning opportunity through play is a journey  we hope you will witness in all our classrooms.